Our Residential Pest Control Services in Memphis Include:


Termites are a fact of life in our area, making termite control for Memphis residents a necessity. Any bug in your house is a concern, but termites are especially dangerous thanks to the structural damage they can cause. Learn more


Do you have an ant infestation? Ants like food and if they find crumbs to snack on they are going to tell their little ant colony friends how to find it. If you are in need of the best ant control in Memphis then click to Learn More

Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are a nuisance and embarrassment and often, people do not even realize they have an infestation until they started seeing bites and spots of blood on beds and linens. Get bed bug control services for your Memphis home. Learn More


Roaches are one of the most despised and disgusting insects on the planet—but there are only five main species of cockroaches that become pests. If you need roach extermination, click here to Learn more about our services


There are about 1000 species of spiders in the US. Thankfully, in Memphis we only have a few species that are harmful to people. For spider control services inside and outside your Memphis home, click to Learn more about the services we provide.


If you hear tapping or scratching noises in the night or find small pellet size excrement around your food pantry or in the garage it’s possible you have a rodent problem. Get a free rodent control estimate. Learn more


Bees and wasps can be beneficial, but for most people a bee or wasp sting is undesirable or possibly even life threatening, if you have bees or wasp nest around your home, contact us for a free estimate and service. Learn more


Don’t let mosquitoes ruin a beautiful day outside, Inman-Murphy offers mosquito control services in Memphis and surrounding areas. We provide mosquito control treatment and prevention services for your yardLearn more

Complete pest & termite control for your Memphis home

At Inman-Murphy we have easy and affordable pest control options for all homes and budgets.

Whether you’re in need of immediate help with pest problems or you’re looking for continuous pest control protection, our experienced exterminators are standing by to help.


Get your free estimate for services that are right for you.


We offer a full assortment of pest control services: including in-home pest control to outdoor lawn pest protection to termite treatments and inspection letters. Our pest control techs are experienced in getting rid of fleas and ticks, roaches, bed bugs, spiders, termites, wasps and more.

Our Valued Inman-Murphy customers, will receive:

  • Complete indoor pest protection. Our exclusive pest treatment plans cover all entry points where pests might enter your home, and the places where they like to hide out.
  • Exterior perimeter and lawn coverage. Our exterminators will find your outdoor pests and then treat around your doors, windows, and the perimeter of your house to keep pests out.
  • Free estimates. We will provide a custom quote for your specific needs.
  • Simple payment plans. We have some of the most affordable payment plans so you can receive the best pest control at a reasonable price.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We promise to ensure you are completely satisfied with your services or we’ll return—at no added cost—until you are.

For the best pest control protection in Memphis, choose Inman-Murphy Termite & Pest Control.

Our termite and pest control plans provide you with comprehensive termite and pest control for your Memphis and Mid-South home.

Inman-Murphy Termite Control, including:

  • Interior entry points and barrier treatments
  • Environmentally-friendly pest control options to keep your family and pets safe
  • Termite pre-treatment, monitoring, and detection services
  • Treatment of the soil around your home and in crawl-space areas
  • Real estate clearance letters
  • Provide in writing guaranteed satisfaction

Inman-Murphy Pest Control & Prevention, including:

  • Bed bugs, snakes and rodent control
  • Treatment of the perimeter of your home
  • Written report of findings and recommendations
  • Ongoing preventative services

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Safe and environmentally-friendly treatment options.

At Inman-Murphy we believe the health and safety of you and your family is the most important thing—we offer environmentally-friendly solutions and the best techniques for safe and effective pest control.

Green solutions

Inman-Murphy Termite & Pest Control’s service plans are environmentally friendly, so you can have peace of mind that our treatments are safe for your family and pets.

Pest professionals you can trust.

You can be sure that our trained and professional pest control technicians will take care of your home and property. Inman-Murphy aims to provide you with the best, most thorough service in the industry. Our technicians will arrive on time, explain the services you will receive, and recommend treatment plans that meet your needs and budget.

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