Frequently Asked Questions about Rodents

Concerned about rodents in your home and property? We’ve answered frequently asked questions about rodents to help you get a handle on what you’re facing.

Which rodents are the most common pests in Tennessee?

Mice (house mice and deer mice) and rats (Norway and roof rats) are the most common indoor rodent. In fact, Memphis, TN ranks #1 for roof rat infestations.

In your yard, moles and voles are the most common pest. You may be familiar with moles that dig tunnels underground. Voles are another small rodent that lives mostly underground.

Which rodents carry disease?

Mice and rats carry diseases that transfer to humans. They pose a health hazard when they get into your pantry and contaminate your food and eating area.

Moles and voles don’t carry disease that can transfer to humans.

Do they pose a threat to my property?

Mice and rats can chew through drywall, plumbing pipes, structural supports, and electrical wires. Rats also dig holes underground and create the potential for damage to your foundation.

Moles and voles destroy outdoor landscaping by digging tunnels underground. Voles are generally looking for vegetation and they also wreak havoc on landscaping.

How do I know I have a rodent problem in my yard?

You’ll see their impact fairly quickly. Moles damage landscape by digging tunnels and causing root damage.

Voles are generally looking for vegetation; they breed all year round so they can multiply quickly.

Why do rodents come indoors?

Mice and rats come indoors looking for food, water, and shelter. As food and warm shelter becomes harder to find during autumn and winter, they tend to move indoors.

Rats rely partially on humans for their survival. They need access to your home to live.

How do they get inside?

Mice can squeeze their bodies through the smallest cracks. A crevice in the corner of a doorway which doesn’t line up with a wall, cracks in the foundation, holes around plumbing and wiring, etc.

Mice and rats can also climb and some (deer mice) can jump a small distance.

How do I prevent rodents from becoming a problem?

For indoor rodents:

  • Seal openings (including doorways, existing holes around plumbing and electrical wires).
  • Check your foundation and roof for openings that need to be repaired.
  • Keep food in airtight containers and clean up spills.

For moles and voles: It’s hard to prevent them. Your best option is to stop the problem early. Call a professional as soon as you notice a problem and before they’ve destroyed your entire yard.

I don’t want to expose my family to harsh chemicals. What are my options?

At Inman-Murphy Termite & Pest Control, we offer environmentally friendly solutions that are safe for families and pets. In years past, pest control involved harsh chemicals. Newer techniques and solutions use limited amounts of chemicals formulated to be better for you and better for the environment.

Worried about rodents in your home or office? Call one of our professionals at 901.388.0852. We’ll work with your budget to create a rodent control and removal solution to meet your needs.