Common Pests – Bed Bugs 

People often acquire bedbugs at hotels, motels, and bed-and-breakfasts, thanks to increased domestic and international tourism, and bring them back to their homes in their luggage.  Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown insects that feed on human blood. Many individuals associate bedbugs with filthy conditions, however, they are attracted by exhaled carbon dioxide and not dirt, and feed off blood, not waste. They are found as often in clean locations as in poorly kept conditions.

They are most commonly found in sleeping areas. Bedbugs are generally active only at night. The bite of a bed bug is normally painless and a person might not even know they have been bitten. A large itchy welt appears several days later. Bed bugs do not transmit disease to humans. Female bedbugs can lay up to five eggs in a day. The eggs are almost invisible to the naked eye and are a milky white tone in color.

Quick Tips:

Signs of bed bugs include:

  • Empty bed bug skins
  • Blood spots on bedding, mattresses, furniture or walls.
  • Prevention:
  • Beware as you travel. Check your beds in Hotels.
  • Wash and dry clothing before putting them away.
  • Inspect luggage before storing.
  • If bed bugs are suspected then place items in a plastic bag and place in sun for the day.
  • Bed bug covers can be purchased specifically for bed bug prevention or treatment.

Getting rid of bed bugs:

  • Washing bedding in hot water will kill bed bugs on those items only.
  • Most Department of Public Health facilities will recommend hiring a licensed pest control operator to fully eliminate bedbugs.
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