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Are bed bugs a problem in your hotel? Did small rodents found a way inside? Pests can be a common problem in homes and businesses, but the last thing your guests want to experience is insects or rodents disrupting their stay.

As soon as you suspect a pest problem in your hotel, give the experts at Inman-Murphy Termite & Pest Control a call. We specialize in pest control for local hotels and businesses while offering continual preventive services to keep them from coming back.


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Trust Inman-Murphy to Keep Your Hotel Pest-Free

Inman-Murphy technicians take a tactical approach to getting rid of your pest issue. We understand the habits and lifestyle of bed bugs, insects, and rodents – where they enter a building and where they hide. We search for the source of the problem to keep your hotel pest-free.

When you choose us for commercial pest control for hotels, we offer complete indoor and outdoor protection for your building.

  • Indoor Pest Control: We go straight to the source to find where pests are hiding and making their homes. No pest issue is too much for us to handle.
  • Outdoor Pest Control: Pests had to sneak inside somewhere. While they may enter through open doors and windows, they can also squeeze through tiny cracks in the foundation, doors, or window frames. We’ll examine the exterior of your hotel to find where pests are entering.
  • Continual Treatments: After we treat your pest issue, our preventive treatment plans keep them from coming back. This ensures your guests enjoy a relaxing stay without any run-ins with pests.
  • Trained Pest Control Technicians: Our technicians are professional and experienced in eradicating any pest problem in hotels. They work with you to create effective treatment plans based on your pest issue, building size, and location.

Eco-Friendly Solutions Keep Your Staff and Guests Safe

When you choose Inman-Murphy, you can rest assured your staff and guests are completely safe. We only use eco-friendly pest control solutions and treatments that are safe for humans and effective with pests.

Bed Bugs? We’ve Got You Covered

Bed bugs are becoming a common problem in homes and hotels. They’re easily transferred by suitcases or clothing and can spread from one room or home to the next.

While bed bugs can be challenging to get rid of, our professional bed bug extermination services are effective at getting your bed bug issues under control. We use safe and effective equipment and solutions to ensure your guests are safe. Continual treatment plans will make sure your beds stay free of bed bugs.

Non-Invasive Services Reduce Disruptions

We understand business must continue as normal without disruption. We work hard to create as little disruption as needed. Our trained technicians are quick and effective at assessing the pest problem, creating a treatment plan, and treating the issue in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Hotel Commercial Pest Control FAQs

The following are common questions about commercial pest control services in hotels and motels.

  • What are the best methods for getting rid of bed bugs?

    Heat treatments are especially effective in eliminating bed bugs. Our technicians set up specialized equipment that will raise the temperature in guest rooms to a level which kills bed bugs (between 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit). While the room heats up, we rotate cushions and mattresses to evenly distribute the heat and expose any infestations. In the process, adult bed bugs and their eggs are killed off.

  • How soon can guests stay in the rooms after treatments?

    Our commercial pest control techniques and solutions are eco-friendly and don’t leave behind toxic chemicals or odors. As soon as we conduct necessary treatments, we’ll let you know when your space is ready for use once again. Our treatments are effective in all types of hospitality and commercial industries, including hotel rooms, office buildings, waiting rooms, housing complexes, and more.

  • What can I expect on your first visit and any subsequent visits?

    When you schedule an initial appointment with Inman-Murphy, we’ll send a trained pest control technician to your hotel at the appointed time. They’ll discuss with you any current pest issues, including recent sightings, and conduct a thorough analysis of your building inside and out to determine the extent of the issue. If exterior holes or cracks are present, they’ll advise on how to fix these issues to keep outdoor pests from sneaking inside.

    Inside the building, our technicians get right to work looking for areas pest hide or call home and will treat the areas with safe and effective solutions. Additional visits involve checking the building and local sites where pests were present to make sure they haven’t returned and applying preventive treatments.

  • Do you offer continual treatment services?

    Yes, and we highly recommend them for hotels and motels. We understand the quality service and experience you aim to offer your guests, and pest sightings could ruin a guest’s stay or lead to negative reviews.

    When our pest control experts assess your pest issues and determine a treatment plan, we may recommend continual treatments to make sure bed bugs and other pests don’t return. Bed bugs are an especially nasty pest which can be difficult to remove and could easily return as a carrier on a guest’s suitcase or other items.

    To ensure your hotel or motel stays bed bug and pest-free, we offer continual treatment services throughout the year. Our technicians will check for and treat all pests, including rodents, bed bugs, spiders, cockroaches, ants, and more.

  • Are your pest control solutions safe for use around our guests?

    Yes. At Inman-Murphy we only use eco-friendly pest control solutions that are safe for use around anyone, including children and pets. While lethal to pests, our pest control solutions will not cause harm to your guests or staff.

  • Are your pest control services guaranteed?

    Absolutely. We want to make sure your pest issues are completely taken care of. That means we’ll consult with you based on your pest control needs and keep coming back until pests are gone. We back our work and want you to be satisfied with the commercial pest control services you receive.

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  •  The Memphis Zoo has been using the services of Inman-Murphy for our pest control needs for over four years. It is important to us that pest control not only be timely and effective, but that it also must be done carefully and safely, so it will pose no threat to our staff, animals, or visitors. We have been very pleased with the service we have received from Inman-Murphy and would recommend them highly.–James B. Jalenak , CAO, Memphis Zoo