Common Pests – Spiders 

There are about 1000 species of spiders in the US. Fortunately, very few species are harmful to people. Most of the ones that bite only do so when provoked.


Black Widow:

They are identified by a red hourglass making on the underside of the abdomen. The adult female is potentially dangerous.  She typically hangs upside down on the web and rarely leaves it. They can be found in or under objects, crawl spaces, basements, storage sheds, and beneath porches. They will not bite unless aggravated.

Brown Recluse:

Recluse spiders are shy and stay away from places where there is human activity. Inside the home, they prefer closets, guestrooms, attics and basements. Outside they like piles of lumber, firewood, rocks and leaves. The can be identified by a dark violin-shaped mark located behind the eyes.



House Spiders:

They like to spin webs in dark corner and prefer moist rooms. The web is irregularly shaped and they hang upside down from it. They feed on insects, especially flies.

Wolf Spider:

They look like tarantulas, but are ½ inch long and multi-colored. They are considered a hunting spider and run rapidly as they pursue their prey. They prefer the outdoors but are most likely to be inside during the cold weather. These spiders are non-aggressive, but may bite if aggravated.

Jumping Spiders:

These common spiders are hairy, brightly colored, and short-legged with an ability to jump. They are active in the daytime and are especially fond of pouncing on flies.

Garden Spiders:

This black and yellow spider is common and produces a very large, strong web. They look dangerous but are not, though they may bite if bothered.

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