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As soon as you discover signs of pests in your home, it’s critical to act fast. Pests, including insects and rodents, breed quickly. If a pest issue is left unchecked, it may become worse and lead to structural damage or even unhealthy conditions.

At the first sign of pests, call the experts at Inman-Murphy Termite & Pest Control for a free estimate and analysis of the issue. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection, explain your options, and make a recommendation for the treatment plan that’s right for your needs.

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Inman-Murphy’s Residential Pest Control Services in Memphis Include:


Termites are a fact of life in our area, making termite control for Memphis residents a necessity. Any bug in your house is a concern, but termites are especially dangerous due to the structural damage they can cause. Learn more


Do you have an ant issue? Ants are always in search of food. If they find crumbs to snack on, they’ll tell their ant colony friends and suddenly you have an infestation. If you are looking for the best ant control in Memphis, click here to Learn More

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a nuisance and an embarrassment. Often, people don’t realize they have an infestation until they see small red bites on their body and spots of blood on beds and linens. To get professional bed bug control for your Memphis home, click here to Learn More


Roaches are one of the most despised and disgusting insects on the planet, but only five main cockroach species become pests. If you need roach extermination in your home, click here to learn more about our services.


While there are 1,000 species of spiders in the U.S., Memphis is home to only a few that are harmful to humans. For spider control services inside and outside your Memphis home, click here to learn more about the services we provide.

Mice & Rodents

Do you hear tapping or scratching noises in the night? Or did you find small, pellet-size excrement in your food pantry, garage, or crawl space? If so, it’s possible you have a rodent problem, which can quickly get out of control. Get a free rodent control estimate today. Learn more


Wasp stings are painful to humans and can even be life-threatening for those with allergies. If you have bee or wasp nests around your home, contact us for a free estimate and services. Learn more here


Don’t let mosquitoes ruin a beautiful day outside. Inman-Murphy offers professional mosquito control services in Memphis and surrounding areas. We offer mosquito control treatment and prevention services for your yard and property so you can enjoy the outdoors. Learn more today.

Complete Pest & Termite Control for Your Memphis Home

At Inman-Murphy, we offer easy and affordable pest control options for all homes and budgets. Whether you need immediate help with an urgent pest problem, or you’re looking for continuous pest protection, our experienced exterminators are standing by to help.

Get a free estimate for the residential pest control services that are right for you.


Inman-Murphy offers a complete range of residential pest control services for in-home pest control, outdoor lawn pest protection, termite treatments, and inspection letters. Our pest control techs are experienced at getting rid of fleas and ticks, roaches, bed bugs, spiders, termites, wasps, and more.

As a valued Inman-Murphy client, you’ll benefit from:

  • Free estimates. We’ll come to your home and provide a custom quote based on your home and pest control needs.
  • Complete indoor pest protection. Our exclusive pest treatment plans cover all entry points where pests can enter your home and locate where they like to hide out.
  • Exterior perimeter and lawn coverage. Our exterminators will find where outdoor pests are hiding and treat around your doors, windows, and the perimeter of your home to keep them out.
  • Simple payment plans. No matter your budget, we offer affordable payment plans to make sure you get quality pest control at a reasonable price.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We promise to ensure you are completely satisfied with your services or we’ll return—at no added cost—until you are.

For the Best Pest Control Protection in Memphis, Choose Inman-Murphy Termite & Pest Control

Our termite and pest control plans offer comprehensive termite and pest control protection for your Memphis and Mid-South home.

Inman-Murphy termite control services include:

  • Interior entry points and barrier treatments
  • Environmentally-friendly pest control options to keep your family and pets safe
  • Termite pre-treatment, monitoring, and detection services
  • Treatment of the soil around your home and in crawl-space areas
  • Real estate clearance letters
  • Provide in writing guaranteed satisfaction

Inman-Murphy pest control and prevention services include:

  • Services for bed bugs, snakes, spiders, ants, mosquitos, rodent control, and more
  • Treatment of the perimeter of your home
  • Written report of findings and recommendations
  • Ongoing preventive services to keep pests from returning

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Safe and Environmentally Friendly Treatment Options

At Inman-Murphy, we believe the health and safety of you and your family are important. That’s why we only use environmentally friendly solutions and innovative treatment techniques to deliver safe but effective pest control services for our clients.

When you choose one of Inman-Murphy’s service plans, you can be rest assured the treatments in your home or on your property are safe for you, your family, and your pets.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

At Inman-Murphy, we want you to be completely satisfied with your services. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will return at no added cost to you until the issue is completely resolved.

Pest Experts You Can Trust

We make a promise to all our clients that your home and property are in good hands with Inman-Murphy pest control technicians. We aim to offer our clients the best, most thorough pest control services in the area. Our technicians will arrive on time, explain in detail the services you will receive, and recommend treatment plans and options to fit your needs and budget.

Residential Pest Control Services FAQ

  • When should I call for pest control services?

    Call us at the first sign of pests or their activity. Many insects and rodents have short breeding cycles and can reproduce quickly, making a small pest issue significantly worse overnight. Since many pests are unsanitary or can cause damage to homes, we recommend treating the issue ASAP.

  • How much will pest control services cost?

    Our residential pest control services are priced according to the size of your home, the type of service, the materials used, and the type of pest being treated. We’re happy to provide a free estimate so you can know the cost before any services take place. We’ll send a technician to your home to inspect the issue and provide a full treatment plan and written proposal.

  • What are the common signs of pests in a home?

    Warning signs can depend on the type of pest issue. The following are a few common signs to watch for:

    • Noises. While pests can be small and quiet, they aren’t silent. Most types of pests are most active at night and may be heard in the walls, attic, or crawl space.
    • Smells. A musky odor in a kitchen or basement could be a sign of pests. Some pests leave behind a musky odor with a distinct note of ammonia. If bad smells start taking over your home, investigate where the smell is coming from.
    • Damaged furniture or wiring. Mice will gnaw on furniture or other materials to wear down their constantly growing teeth. They’ll even chew on pipes, wood, insulation, plastics, wires, and more. Check around furniture or boxes in storage to make sure no rodents are hiding out.
    • Droppings. Droppings found in the home are a sure sign of pests. Whether it’s urine, fecal matter, or body parts, these can be vessels for bacteria and viruses.
  • I’m a good housekeeper. How did I get pests?

    Pests are always on the lookout for food, water, and shelter. Even the cleanest homes can attract pests. Pests can enter your home via a suitcase, a box shipped to your door, or your neighbor next door. Not to worry, however: Our technicians will let you know what you can do to prevent pest problems.

  • How do pests enter homes?

    Insects and rodents can enter homes through even the tiniest of cracks. If you think you have a pest issue, walk the perimeter of your home looking for cracks in the foundation, doors, and window seals. Also, check window and door screens for holes or tears. An eighth-inch opening can be enough to allow unwanted pests into your home.

    Rodents can also enter homes and crawl spaces through broken or damaged vents. Before repairing a vent, be sure to call for pest control service to ensure no rodents are inside and to inspect any damage they may have caused.

    Pests can also enter homes when trees or shrubs are too close to or touching your home. Keep plant life trimmed back and wood piles or debris away from the base or sides of your home to prevent an easier entry.

  • Can you treat my whole yard?

    We provide lawn pest control solutions to treat your yard and other areas on your property. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Keep in mind, a healthy ecosystem includes ants and spiders in gardens and trees.

  • Can pests cause allergic reactions?

    In some cases, yes. The most common year-round household pests that can cause allergy and asthma symptoms are cockroaches and dust mites. While dust mites cannot be seen with the naked eye, their waste and bodies can cause allergic reactions or trigger asthma attacks.

    Allergic symptoms may include:

    • Skin rashes, itching, or hives
    • Swelling of the lips, tongue, and throat
    • Trouble breathing or wheezing
    • Dizziness or fainting
    • Stomach pain, vomiting, bloating, or diarrhea
  • I’m worried about chemicals near my children and pets. Are your services safe?

    Yes. We care about the safety of our clients which is why we only use safe solutions and techniques to eliminate pests. Our solutions are natural and completely safe for use around children and pets.

    In addition, each of our technicians is knowledgeable and trained in pest habits. They know exactly what to look for and where pests hide to ensure you always get the best results.

  • If I hire professional pest control services, will pests be gone forever?

    While we can eradicate nearly any pest issue, we can’t promise after one treatment that you’ll never have a pest in your home again. That’s why we offer continuing treatment and management solutions to prevent pests from coming back.

    For example, if you deal with sugar ants in your kitchen every spring and summer, our continuing preventive services will treat the perimeter of your home throughout the year to prevent ants from coming near your home.

    When it comes to termites, you definitely want some form of preventive services to make sure termites don’t cause further damage to your home. We offer services to ensure termites don’t become a problem again.

  • What should I look for when hiring a professional pest exterminator?

    As with any industry, not all services are equal. When searching for the best pest control services, follow these recommendations:

    • Ask friends or neighbors for referrals.
    • Make sure a pest control company is licensed and qualified.
    • Find out if the company has liability insurance to cover any damages to your home or furnishings during treatment.
    • Select a company based on value, not on price.
    • Before you sign a contract, make sure you fully understand the nature of the pest, the extent of the infestation, and the recommended plan to solve the problem.
    • If a guarantee is offered, find out what it covers, how long it lasts, and what you need to do to keep the guarantee active. This may include continuing preventive treatments.

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Our Clients Say it Best
  •  We have used Inman-Murphy for termite service since 2001.  They have always provided excellent customer service and worked with us around our residents’ schedule.  Whether it’s after regular business hours, or on the weekend, they are responsive to our needs with a pleasant attitude.–Memphis Jewish Home & Rehab

  • Inman Murphy has protected our home and family for years.  With their attention to detail, technicians identify potential problems and stop them before they result in costly repairs.  From termites to spiders, we know Inman-Murphy’s is there for us.–Doug Force, Homeowner

  •  The Memphis Zoo has been using the services of Inman-Murphy for our pest control needs for over four years. It is important to us that pest control not only be timely and effective, but that it also must be done carefully and safely, so it will pose no threat to our staff, animals, or visitors. We have been very pleased with the service we have received from Inman-Murphy and would recommend them highly.–James B. Jalenak , CAO, Memphis Zoo