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A few wasps in your yard may not be a problem, but too many wasps flying around can ruin summer barbecues or pools parties. Memphis wasp removal services will make sure your yard and surrounding areas are safe to be outside this summer.

While wasps can be beneficial for eating crop-destroying insects and pollinating plants, an overabundance of wasps on your property can be unnerving. Most wasps will leave you alone unless they feel threatened, but if one wasp feels threatened, they release a chemical to signal the rest of the colony to attack. That’s when wasps on your property can become a big problem!

Professional Memphis Wasp Removal Services Can Help

The professional pest exterminators at Inman-Murphy are trained to remove wasp nests from your home or property so you don’t have to. Wasps typically will not attack unless they sense you’re threatening their nest where they raise their young. This is why it’s important to call for professional Memphis wasp removal services to take care of a wasp problem for you.

How to Protect Yourself and Your Property from Wasps

If you experience a wasp problem on your property, take the following precautions:

  • Wear shoes outside. If you step on a wasp, you’ll likely sting you. But can you blame them?
  • Avoid wearing white and yellow when outside. These colors attract insects.
  • Spray less sweet smelling perfume. They’re attracted to sweet scents so perfumes may give you extra unwanted attention.
  • Cover your garbage can to keep wasps and other insects out.
  • Remove vacant wasp nests during the winter to avoid similar wasp nest construction in the spring.
  • If a wasp lands near you, stay calm and avoid swatting at them. This may cause them to feel threatened and attack.
  • Leave wasp nests alone. Wasps will protect their turf and their young if they feel threatened.
  • If you kill a wasp near the nest, their bodies release a chemical which signals other wasps to attack.
  • Call professional exterminators to remove wasp nests and handle the problem for you.

Call the Wasp Exterminator Experts in Memphis

Enjoy the outdoors and keep your family and friends safe by calling the experts at Inman-Murphy. Our wasp removal experts are experienced at removing wasp nests the safe and effective way.

When you make an appointment, our exterminators will assess the problem and determine the best course of action. They’ll remove wasp nests from your home or property with little disruption to you or your property.

As soon as you notice a wasp nest on your property, give us a call. Your wasp issue is our biggest concern. We offer fast, efficient services to make sure you and your family are safe.

Need Memphis wasp removal services for your home or business? Don’t delay. Call Inman-Murphy at (901) 388-0852 or complete the online form to the right for a free estimate and prompt service.

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