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Encountering a bee, wasp, or hornet outdoors is a common occurrence. These insects, including bees and wasps, often play pivotal roles in our environment, contributing significantly to pollination and the ecosystem. However, the presence of their nests on or adjacent to your premises can pose risks.

At Inman-Murphy, Inc., we understand the anxiety of dealing with stinging insects. Continue reading to discover how to identify a bee problem in Mid-South TN.

Identifying Bees in Mid-South TN

Differentiating between bees, wasps, and hornets can be tricky, especially since getting up close for a better look is not something anyone is eager to do. Instead, you can identify these insects by their distinctive nests. Spotting any of the following structures on your property suggests the presence of a potentially hazardous stinging insect:

  • Yellow jacket nests are made from a papery material and can typically be found in protected spaces like wall voids or underground.
  • Paper wasp nests have an open structure, resembling an inverted umbrella, and are usually suspended in sheltered areas.
  • Bald-faced hornet nests are often located in secluded spots, such as in tree stumps or wall voids, and are made of a similar paper-like material.

Dangerous Bees, Wasps & Hornets

While bees are generally less prone to stinging, certain wasps and hornets are notorious for their aggressiveness, particularly in autumn as they prepare for the winter. These insects might not attack unprovoked, but it’s wise to steer clear of their nests, especially individuals with allergies. Should you discover a nest on your property, it is recommended, that you seek the expertise of a professional wasp exterminator for safe and effective removal.

How to Handle a Bee Issue

Handling a nest with aggressive bees, wasps, or hornets with caution is crucial. If you observe an increasing activity or locate a nest on your property, reaching out to a professional bee exterminator is prudent. A certified pest control service like Inman-Murphy, Inc. can address your bee problem efficiently and safely. For information on our bee and wasp elimination services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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