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Whether you’re operating a dental office, an urgent care clinic, or otherwise, you know that keeping a pest-free* environment is critical in the healthcare world. Pest outbreaks in healthcare facilities can be dangerous for both patients and staff, so it’s important to hire a professional pest control company for help.

At Inman-Murphy, Inc., we know that you cannot put the health and safety of your patients at risk. Our integrated pest management in healthcare ensures that pest problems don’t have the chance to arise.

The Dangers of Pests in Healthcare Facilities

Patients go to their healthcare facilities under the assumption that they will be pristine and free of pests, so an active infestation can quickly tarnish your reputation. Here are some facts about pests that can inhabit healthcare buildings:

  • Ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodents, and spiders are just some of the pests that you may have to deal with.
  • Certain pests can spread filth and dangerous diseases with effects ranging widely in severity.
  • The conditions that pests infestations create can lead to serious consequences for both your patients and your business.

Pest Control for Healthcare Facilities with Inman-Murphy, Inc.

To keep pests out of your healthcare facility, working with a dedicated team of exterminators is crucial. We take the following steps for our integrated pest management in healthcare facilities:

  1. A holistic property inspection of the facility and adjacent areas
  2. Reporting of all active pest pressures, as well as the conditions that caused them
  3. Development of a plan that addresses your problems in adherence with your building’s regulations
  4. Proper closing off of entry points or other efforts to exclude pests going forward
  5. As necessary, ongoing visits from technicians to monitor your facility for pest activity thereafter

Reliable Healthcare Commercial Pest Control

If you need dental office, doctor’s office, or hospital pest control, you should leave it to the professionals. Your work is important, and the stress of dealing with pest pressures should be alleviated through the assistance of dedicated technicians, working hard to keep local pests in Mid-South TN out of your buildings. To learn more about how we help healthcare facilities, contact us today!

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