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If you work in hospitality, you know that it’s crucial to keep a pest-free* environment in your hotel or bed-and-breakfast. Bed bugs and cockroaches are the main invaders that we’ve seen in the hospitality industry, and they’ve led to bad reviews and tarnished reputations in many establishments.

Hotel guests expect that their stay will be pest-free*, so the exterminators at Inman-Murphy, Inc. work hard to ensure this. Our pest service for hotels takes prevention as first priority!

Best Methods of Pest Control for Hotels

Whether it be ants, cockroaches, rodents, termites, or otherwise, hotels are susceptible to many kinds of pest infestations. Even a single sighting of one of these pests can ruin your hotel’s reputation. That said, the biggest concern for hotel owners is a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are infamous for spreading through human travel, making their way into suitcases and bouncing from one location to another sneakily. To keep your hotel guests safe and secure, it’s important to work with an exterminator with experience in hotel pest control.

Inman-Murphy, Inc. Pest Management in Hotels

When you need pest control for your hotel, it’s recommended to with exterminators who can plan to keep your establishment protected from pests year-round. When you work with Inman-Murphy, Inc., you can expect the following:

  1. A thorough inspection of the hotel property, including the exterior
  2. Identification of active pest pressures and the reasons for their development
  3. Development of a hospitality pest control plan that solves your problems and adheres to your property’s regulations
  4. Closing off of entry points among other exclusion efforts to keep the infestation under control
  5. Continued visits from a team working to surpass your expectations and keep your hotel or bed-and-breakfast pest-free*

Hotel & Hospitality Pest Control Programs

A pest infestation in a hotel or motel can cause a decrease in guests, bad reviews, and even a shutdown! To keep your business in good standing, the experts at Inman-Murphy, Inc. can provide industry-leading methods of pest control in hotels in the Mid-South TN area. To learn more about our hotels & hospitality pest control methods, give our team a call today!

Having pests on your property in the hospitality infestation can lead to drops in traffic, tanking reviews, and even a shutdown! To keep your business clean and in good standing, the Inman-Murphy, Inc. technicians are equipped to conduct industry-leading pest control services for hotels around Mid-South TN. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today!

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