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Stored food products can be an enticing target for pests. Flour and cereal grains are obvious examples, but also nuts, seeds, dried fruit and more. Pantry pests can be a major nuisance in homes and an even bigger problem for food service businesses. So, how do you get rid of pantry pests? How does pantry pest control work?

Inman-Murphy, Inc. provides safe and effective pest control services to homes and businesses throughout the Mid-South TN area. We’re the industry leader in pest control here and we have some expert tips for getting rid of pantry pests.

Common pantry pests in Tennessee

What Should You Do If You Find Pantry Pests?

If you’ve noticed tiny pests in your flour or other dry goods, don’t panic. It’s an unpleasant feeling but it’s actually a very treatable problem. You can get rid of them yourself and once they’re gone you’re not at any heightened risk for reinfestation.

First and foremost, if you have pantry pests, pantry moths, pantry beetles, weevils, or anything else, they’re there for one reason. Your food. So start by removing any infested items from the affected cupboard or pantry immediately. Dispose of them securely, and give your pantry a thorough cleaning before returning any items.

Can You Prevent Pantry Pests Naturally? 

The best way to get rid of pantry pests is not having them in the first place. Pantry pest prevention is possible. Here are some tips for preventing pantry pests in the Mid-South TN area:

  1. Check Your Groceries: Packaging damage may suggest possible infestation, so look for that while you’re at the store, and again before you stock your pantry. Avoid buying or stocking foodstuffs with damaged packaging.
  2. Believe in Bay Leaves: Pantry pests don’t like bay leaves. So co placing a few bay leaves inside canisters of dry goods like flour or rice.
  3. Airtight is Just Right: Get a set of quality airtight containers. This will allow you to store food and baking ingredients securely.
  4. Look at Expiration Dates: Old ingredients that have been in the pantry for a year or two are past their expiration dates and should be tossed out.
  5. Properly Store Seasonal Items: Are there any ingredients you won’t be using again anytime soon? Store it in an airtight container separate from other ingredients.

If you have any questions about pantry pest removal, we’re here to help. Call us right now!

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