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Flea and Tick Exterminators – Control & Removal

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The biggest difference between fleas and ticks is that fleas are insects whereas ticks are mites. The thing they have most in common with each other is that if you have either in your home, you might want to flee. Don’t let it get to that point – call the flea and tick control experts that can eliminate flea and tick infestations quickly and completely.

Our experienced flea and tick exterminators know where to look for these minuscule pests and how to spot them. We know exactly what it takes to stop infestations in the Mid-South TN area – so give us a call today and protect your family and your furry family from fleas and ticks.

Tick & Flea Removal for YOUR HOME

Common fleas and ticks in Tennessee

Fleas and ticks are extremely small. If they’ve entered your home or commercial location, they’re difficult to locate. When you call Inman-Murphy, Inc., a trained tick and flea exterminator will perform a thorough home inspection to determine if your home has an infestation and the nature of the infestation. Then we’ll create a personalized plan to eliminate it. Trust us when we say our home pest control experts will be able to spot them if they’re there and solve your problem.

How Our Tick and Flea Control Protects You

Once fleas or ticks are inside, it can be a challenge to get them out. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced flea and tick extermination company. At Inman-Murphy, Inc., we have more than 25 years of local experience.

Our experienced flea and tick control technicians will perform the following:

  1. We will thoroughly inspect your property to locate the source of the ticks and/or fleas.
  2. We will apply state-of-the-art control products that treat your entire home or business.
  3. After the flea or tick treatment, we will provide ongoing tick and flea control and prevention tips to avoid future infestations.

Flea & Tick Extermination for YOUR BUSINESS

Do you suspect ticks or fleas have infested your place of business? These parasitic pests can scare away potential customers—and endanger anyone who comes in contact with them. For that reason alone, you’ll want to act now. Otherwise, the problem can easily spread to another property or other properties. 

Your experienced flea and tick control team can treat the problem so it’s eliminated. No more wondering if they’ll keep coming back. At Inman-Murphy, Inc., our commercial pest control technicians will work with you to create an effective flea and tick control solution – while being 100% discreet.

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Flea and Tick Exterminators – Control – Removal Serving Mid-South | Millington TN | Memphis Metro Area

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