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Cicadas Special Emergence In Tennessee

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Inman-Murphy Pest Control is excited to show you a special natural event that will catch the attention of Tennessee and nearby places this year. We are about to see an amazing natural sight, where the sounds of cicadas link the past with the present. This event is not just interesting to look at; it’s a great chance to learn more about how nature works. Come with us as we discover how cicadas live and affect our environment, teaching us how to get along with these incredible insects.

How Rare Is This Natural Phenomenon?

The year 2024 is highlighted by a unique natural event in Tennessee and adjacent states: the concurrent emergence of two cicada broods. This event was last observed 221 years ago in the 1800s and is not anticipated to recur until 2245. This is different from normal because typically these broods emerge at predictable times with one species of cicada at a time. This extraordinary emergence will occur from mid-May through late June. 

Cicada Basics

Living predominantly in the ground, cicadas emerge primarily for mating purposes or at the end of their life span. Their life cycles, which typically last 17 or 13 years, culminate in a synchronized emergence that animates the summer ambiance with their resonant songs.

The Significance of Understanding Cicadas

Although cicadas pose no danger to humans, their abundant numbers can pose a threat to young trees and plants, their main food sources. By understanding their ecological impact, we can take steps to protect our plants and trees, thereby reducing the necessity for aggressive pest control extermination.

Dealing With Cicadas

There is no requirement for large-scale cicada management efforts. Inman-Murphy Pest Control advises employing protective measures, such as netting for saplings, to safeguard them against potential damage from this natural event. 

Be Aware of Potential Cicada Urine Propulsion

During the fascinating emergence of cicadas, there is a peculiar phenomenon to note: the powerful propulsion of cicada urine. Cicadas drink a lot of fluid from trees and plants, like water and sap, called xylem. While other bugs that consume xylem release urine in simple droplets, cicadas can eject their urine at speeds of up to three meters per second. This extraordinary feature stems from their large consumption of xylem, making the energy-efficient expulsion of droplets a necessity. Therefore, a sudden, unexpected sprinkle on a clear day during the cicada season could very well be from a cicada’s forceful urination from above.

Looking Ahead

The emergence of cicadas teaches us valuable lessons about nature’s intricate timing and complexity, highlighting the importance of learning to live in harmony with the natural world. 

If you have any questions or need advice on preparing for the cicada season or dealing with other pest-related issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to Inman-Murphy.

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