Memphis cockroach control and prevention

Cockroaches are easier to prevent than exterminate. Understand cockroach habits and keep them from being attracted to your home or business by using simple, preventive measures.

Even the cleanest homes or buildings can be susceptible to cockroaches without prevention. Use this as a guide to stop cockroaches before they start.

Prevention Starts Outside the Home

Roaches come inside in search of warmth, water, and food. The first line of defense is preventing them from getting inside. Protect the outside of your home with these tips.

  • Trim back bushes and plants from touching your home to avoid places to hide or access to entry points
  • Keep your yard and vegetation clean and free of debris
  • Move stacked firewood at least one foot away from the walls of your home or external buildings
  • Keep mulch at least 6 inches away from your foundation

Seal Cracks and Entry Points

Cockroach intrusions start with roaches finding small cracks or entry points and sneaking inside. Make sure to seal any crevices, cracks, or entry points around your home.

  • Check the condition of weather stripping on windows and doors
  • Use durable caulking on cracks or crevices around windows and door frames
  • Check for cracks in the foundation
  • Seal holes around pipes or light fixtures
  • Even the smallest cracks or crevices in your home should be sealed!

Eliminate Food Sources Inside Your Home

Cockroaches will search for any crumb or spill left behind and then tell all their friends. Prevent roaches from finding food sources with these simple steps.

  • Clean out your pantry and cabinets for crumbs or spills
  • Disinfect your counters each day
  • Avoid leaving dishes in the sink overnight
  • Store food in sealed plastic or glass containers
  • Clean on top and beneath the refrigerator regularly
  • Limit food consumption to one room in the house
  • Cockroaches feed at night, so sweep or vacuum your kitchen floor each night
  • Vacuum other areas in your home every 2-3 days for overall sanitation
  • Make sure pet food bowls are empty or leftovers are put away and sealed
  • Close your trash can and empty it regularly

Reduce Their Water Sources

It’s impossible to get rid of all water sources, but reducing water sources can keep cockroaches from populating and thriving.

  • Repair sweaty pipes
  • Promptly fix leaky pipes or faucets
  • Dry kitchen and bathroom sinks (including the bathtub or shower) with a towel each night
  • Empty pet water dishes
  • Remove or seal wet dishrags or sponges
  • Keep wet towels out of cabinets or drawers

Remove Clutter to Reduce Hiding Spots

Roaches thrive when they have quiet, dark places to hide. Clutter, dirt, and debris inside your home can quickly become a haven. Use these tips to keep your home clean and sanitary.

  • Remove piles of magazines or newspapers
  • Recycle unused cardboard boxes
  • Clean behind furniture and search for dark hiding spots or crevices
  • Check for roaches behind TVs or electronics often
  • Dust, sweep, and vacuum regularly

With daily prevention, you can stop a roach problem before it starts. If you discover a cockroach infestation on your property, call the pest control experts at Inman-Murphy Termite & Pest Control for professional cockroach extermination.


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