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Protecting your home shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. See how affordable Inman-Murphy, Inc. pest control is with our affordable payment plans and pest control services that work for your unique situation.

Inman-Murphy, Inc. offers complete pest prevention and control services for East Memphis homeowners and commercial businesses. We have the solution to problems with ants, mice, termites, spiders, and every other pest that poses a threat to your home.

Ongoing Services to Protect Your Home

Pest infestations are common threats for East Memphis homeowners. In warmer months, Memphis’s high heat index and humidity allow pests to thrive. Once insects establish themselves in your home, they will repeatedly try to return. Inman-Murphy, Inc. has services that are specifically designed to exterminate the pests we have in East Memphis.

Inman-Murphy, Inc.’s East Memphis Pest Services

Comprehensive indoor pest protection: Our team of exterminators protects every crevice of your home. They know where pests love to hide. Choose between single treatments and recurring, comprehensive services.

Full outdoor pest protection: Protect all the entryways to keep bugs out, including doors, windows, and where wires and pipes enter your home. We will also rid your property of existing hives and colonies.

Easy payment options: We offer complete customization to the size of your home. We also offer easy, hassle-free online bill payment.

Guaranteed satisfaction: The job isn’t done until you say it is. If you aren’t happy, we’ll return and service your home until you are.

We utilize the latest technologies: We have used the latest technologies in chemicals and tools and we’ve invested in a customer portal that gives you access to your service record and any upcoming scheduled pest control services at your fingertips.

Safety and Peace of Mind for Your Family

Pest control chemicals are safer than ever on the environment and are completely effective against the worst pests in East Memphis. At Inman-Murphy, Inc., you can rest assured that your family and your pets are completely safe.

The best offense is a good defense. Our trained technicians are drug tested and background checked before ever starting work with us. Once aboard, they use EPA-certified products to protect your home or business before pest problems begin. If you’re building a new home or business, Inman-Murphy, Inc. can provide your property with termite pre-treatment or real estate clearance letters. You can be certain that termites won’t become an issue.

Professionals You Can Count On

For more than 20 years, East Memphis homeowners and businesses have been protected by Inman-Murphy, Inc. Our specialists bring you and your family peace of mind, whether you have termites, bed bugs, roaches, or even rodents. We provide you with industry-leading pest control services for a price that you can afford.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We are so sure that our services are what you’re looking for, that your satisfaction is guaranteed.
With more than 20 years of pest control experience in East Memphis homes, we understand how stressful pests in your home can be. It is our duty to meet your needs safely and effectively.

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