Don’t Call The Health Inspector: How To Prevent Restaurant Critters

In the United States, restaurants are regularly inspected by health inspectors and may be shut down if they do not have proper food safety. One common problem that health inspectors find is issues with pest control, which makes up 20% of a restaurant’s health inspection score

Do you want to learn how you can have proper bug prevention to prevent restaurant bugs and to avoid issues with a health inspector? Keep reading each of these tips to prevent restaurant pests and critters. 

Remove Food Sources & Attractions

One of the easiest ways that you can prevent pests from entering your restaurant is to remove their food sources and other things that attract bugs. For example, if you are constantly leaving food out, it is not only bad for food health inspectors but can also attract bugs. 

If you notice a lot of ants in your kitchen, you can try to eliminate any crumbs that they are searching for. This can help you remove them without the need for ant control.

Pests, like cockroaches, are also often attracted to warm lighting. While you cannot change your lighting completely, you can turn off lights that are not needed and you can set up traps that will remove any pests that come inside. 

Block Common Pest Entrances

Next, you want to block any potential entrances for pests. These include areas where you have seen pests come from in the past or other potential sources. 

Most often, bugs get into your restaurant from open doors and windows. This is especially true for drive-thru restaurants, as the window is constantly opening and closing. 

Another common pest entrance is through any cracks and crevices in your building. By sealing these off with silicone or caulk, you can stop the critters from ever entering the premises of your business. You can also invest in other types of screens and seals for your doors and windows that will block the entrances for you. 

If you have tried everything and you are still unsure of how pests are getting into your restaurant, you can always ask a professional pest control company to help you identify weak spots in your entrances. 

Keep Your Dumpster and Garbages Clean

While many kitchens are kept pristine and clean in a restaurant, many owners forget the importance of cleaning dumpsters and garbage cans. 

Having a dirty dumpster, even though it is kept outside, can attract larger pests, like mice and rats. When these pests nest near your dumpster, there will be more opportunities for them to get into your restaurant. 

One way that you can prevent pests with your dumpster is by never allowing it to overflow. It is also important to keep the lid shut to keep pests from getting inside. Finally, regularly hosing down the inside of your dumpster can flush out any pests and can help keep your dumpster cleaner. 

To keep your regular garbage bins clean, it is important that you always put a bag or liner into your bin to prevent any food or residue from building up. If you notice that your bag has leaked, make sure you clean the garbage can with a disinfectant. 

Continually Clean

Pests are naturally attracted to dirty areas, especially in kitchens. If you do not continually wipe down surfaces, they can quickly become sticky and dirty from food prep. This is something that can quickly attract bugs into your kitchen. 

By thoroughly cleaning your entire restaurant throughout each day, you will eliminate things that will attract bugs. For example, after each customer leaves, you should wipe down their table with disinfectant. Throughout the day, it is important to sweep up any crumbs that may attract pests. 

Continually cleaning and preventing your restaurant from getting dirty is an easy way to prevent pests. 

Store Food Correctly

Every restaurant kitchen needs to learn how to store food correctly. Not only is this important for the safety of their customers, but it will also prevent pests from accessing the food. 

Make sure you follow the FIFO rule, meaning first in first out. This will keep food from spoiling and can keep pests at bay. It is also vital that you never store food on the floor, as this provides easier access for pests. 

Finally, storing food in airtight containers can prevent them from being contaminated and will keep them usable for much longer. 

Check Deliveries for Pests

It is also important to closely examine all the deliveries that come to your restaurant. As food is shipped across the country, it is an easy place for pests to nest. If you put the food straight into your storage, you may find that bugs spread and infiltrate your kitchen more easily. 

By checking each delivery for any signs of pests, you can prevent infestations and you can also improve the food health of your kitchen. 

Get Professional Pest Control

Finally, if you are unable to stop the pests on your own, it is time to find a professional pest control company to help. Commercial pest control services specialize in safely removing and preventing pests from a variety of businesses.

Whether you need help removing ants, roaches, or even rodents, professional companies can help you quickly and efficiently. 

Avoid The Health Inspector With Pest Prevention Today

The best way to avoid issues with health inspector jobs is to prioritize pest prevention. It is much easier to prevent pests than it is to remove them from your building. If you follow each of these tips, you can keep any unwanted critters from entering your restaurant and putting your health and safety at risk. 

However, sometimes pests are unavoidable. In these situations, rather than learning how to call a health inspector, it is best to turn to a professional pest control company to help. If you need pest control in the Memphis area, Inman-Murphy can help!

Contact our team today to learn more about our Memphis pest control services or to get a free estimate for our services!

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