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Finally, winter is nearly over and spring is here! While spring brings the budding of new life, cheery flowers, and warmer temperatures, it also brings spring pests.

Common springtime pests can cause infestations for Memphis homeowners if not taken care of early. The following are the top spring pests Memphis homeowners should avoid.

Bees & Yellow Jackets

Bees, and more specifically, yellow jackets, are common in the spring. They search for places to build their paper nests made of chewed up cellulose materials behind walls, in attics, chimneys, decks, and porches. You may find them swarming around outdoor events or garbage cans looking for sweets and proteins.

Yellow jackets are aggressive and territorial. They’re capable of stinging a person or animal multiple times. The safest way to get rid of yellow jacket nests is with professional pest removal.


Mosquitos carry a host of diseases including Zika, West Nile, and dengue fever. Be sure to remove standing water from your property which can serve as a warm, moist environment for mosquito breeding grounds.

If you notice high volumes of mosquitos on your property, you may have a mosquito infestation. To enjoy spring days and evenings outside, call your local pest control experts for mosquito extermination.


Termites are especially active in the spring months as they search for food. They feed on cellulose found in wood, leaves, and soil. Termites can sneak through cracks in your foundation and travel behind walls or underneath flooring to feed on structural wood.

Even worse, termites can hide in your home for years without you knowing. At the first sign of termites, call the local pest control experts. DIY termite control is not recommended due to the difficult nature of exterminating these pests.


Common springtime ants include large carpenter ants and small sugar ants. Carpenter ants prefer moist environments in decaying wood and often sneak inside homes in search of food. While they don’t eat wood like termites, they tunnel through wood and can leave structural damage.

Sugar ants are small black ants which invade homes through tiny cracks in search of food. Prevent sugar ants from coming inside by cleaning up spilled food, sealing cracks, and trimming bushes and trees near the exterior of your home.

Ant infestations can be difficult to control. If DIY methods stopped working, contact pest control experts to locate ant nests and eliminate the source of the problem.


Ticks are a big concern for outdoor enthusiasts because they carry Lyme disease. They are prevalent in the Northeast, Northern Midwest, and areas west of the Rockies.

Ticks may not invade your Memphis home, but they can be carried inside by humans or pets on exposed skin when hiking or running through wooded areas. Protect yourself with tick repellent and perform a whole body check on yourself and your pets within 36 hours of returning from an area where ticks are present.

If ticks, mosquitos, ants, termites, or bees are targeting your home or keeping you from enjoying a beautiful spring day, call Inman-Murphy Termite & Pest Control. We have the experience and eco-friendly solutions to ensure the safe removal of any pest.

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