Fall time can bring an increase in unwanted pests. Protect your home and yard by being aware of the pesky insects and creatures you may come in contact with this fall. These are the top four invaders you should be aware of in your home or yard.

Pesky Flies

The problem of flies can start in the summer months, but they tend to hit their peak in the fall after having all summer to increase in numbers. As the temperatures outside drop, fruit flies and house flies make their way inside where it’s warm and cozy. The occasional house fly may seem like an annoyance, but keep in mind they’re known to carry diseases such as dysentery, tuberculosis, and diarrhea.

Furry Rodents

Mice and rats are looking for warm places to call home for the winter. Attics, walls, closets, pantries, and basements are inviting spaces. Look for exterior holes in your home where a rodent may be able to squeeze inside. Watch for droppings or listen for scratching sounds coming from walls and take care of a rodent infestation right away.

Ants of All Kinds

Carpenter ants, sugar ants, pavement ants, you name it. Maybe you noticed an increase in ants entering your home over the summer and thought your ant problems were over. Cool weather may bring ants indoors again as they move their colonies inside to escape the chill. An exterminator can help reach a solution faster than other home pest control remedies.

Various Invaders

In the fall, you may notice more stink bugs, ladybugs, and spiders. Not counting dangerous spiders, these basic insects typically cause more nuisance than harm to you or your home as they look for a warm place to wait out the winter. Closing windows and caulking cracks in your walls or windows can help reduce the temptation for these guys to find their way inside.

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