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Unwanted pests can be expensive for businesses if not handled promptly. Make sure you don’t fall into one of these six major pest control mistakes business owners make.

1.    Not Getting a Thorough Pest and Termite Inspection of Your Business

Before you move or buy a new business, thoroughly inspect the building for pests and termites. Hidden pests can cause extensive structural damage resulting in expensive building repairs.

Reduce your risk by having your business periodically inspected by professionals. They can make sure pests aren’t hiding in walls or sneaking through cracks in the foundation, windows, or doors.

2.    Risking Food Contamination

Whether you’re a food manufacturing plant, restaurant, or a store selling perishable goods, make sure your fresh food or products don’t become contaminated by pests.

Keep food in sealed plastic containers and watch for signs of pests (dropping, chew marks, sightings, etc.). Consistent checks, audits, and quality control can help stop a pest problem before it starts.

3.    Tackling a Pest Problem with Harsh Chemicals

Some business owners may try to save money by handling a pest control problem on their own with harsh chemicals. If your business works with food, people, or animals, this isn’t a good idea.

Harsh chemicals can contaminate food or products and be harmful to your employee’s health. Safe, effective solutions are the best way to get rid of a pest problem.

4.    Using Unqualified Pest Control Providers

The cheapest pest control providers may not be the best ones. Unqualified providers may not understand your business or a pest’s habits to safely exterminate them.

Find an experienced provider with years of experience and positive reviews from happy, satisfied customers.

5.    Not Keeping the Building and Perimeter Clean

Pests prefer dirty places to hide and make their home. Keep your business clean, swept, and dusted with all food secured to help keep pests away.

This also includes the perimeter of your building. Trash, materials, and overgrown bushes against the siding and windows offer an entryway for pests to sneak inside through small cracks. Keep the perimeter of your building clean and seal any external cracks.

6.    Waiting Until It’s Too Late

When should you call a pest control expert? The moment you see a mouse, termite, or other damaging pests. If they’re exposing themselves in broad daylight, it means there are likely more and they’ve been there a while.

Don’t wait until an infestation takes place. They can be expensive to exterminate and may cause damage to your products, machines, or property.

At the first sign of a pest, take steps to eliminate the issue safely and effectively with professional pest control.

Are you concerned about pests in your Tennessee business?

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