When should mosquito treatment start

We recommend getting mosquito treatment just before mosquito season begins. This will provide a degree of protection before mosquito season starts, kill eggs and larvae on the property, and put you on track for minimal mosquito irritation this summer.

With that in mind, the next best time to start mosquito treatment is when you have a mosquito problem. Barrier treatments can be applied before or during mosquito season.

When is Mosquito Season in Mid-South TN?

Mosquito eggs will start hatching when temperatures warm up to a consistent 50 degrees. Here in Mid-South TN, that usually means sometime in March or April. When you start seeing the arrival of warmer days, that means the arrival of mosquitoes won’t be far behind, so start prepping for the mosquito-heavy months ahead.

When Do I Need Mosquito Treatment?

People can tolerate mosquitoes to different degrees, so we like to say, get mosquito treatment when they start bothering you. Be careful about waiting too long because – as with any pest problem – the more deeply embedded it is, the more difficult it is to eliminate.

Your best chance at preventing mosquito problems is to get a head start on mosquito treatment in March or April as they’re beginning to hatch. This proactive approach can help prevent the onslaught of mosquitoes months later. 

What Time of Day Do You Spray for Mosquitoes?

We generally recommend applying mosquito barrier treatments early in the day when mosquitoes are active. However, barrier treatments are effective no matter what time they’re applied. When you work with our team, we’ll coordinate a time that works best for your schedule.

If you have any additional questions about mosquitoes in Mid-South TN and mosquito control, be sure to give us a call!

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