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Mosquito Treatment

When properly treated and cared for, mosquito bites will usually disappear in a few days. Start by washing them with soap and water – and resist the urge to scratch! Get more tips here.

How to Treat Mosquito bites in Millington TN - Inman-Murphy

There are a variety of treatment options for getting mosquitoes out of your yard, but how effective are they? Find out what our mosquito experts recommend here!

Many people want to try out DIY mosquito treatment before calling in professional mosquito treatment. The question is: how effective are these treatments? Get the answers you need right here.

If you want to enjoy a mosquito-free summer, timing your first treatment of the year is crucial. Get tips on how to know when it’s the right time to schedule your treatment service.

You want to protect your property and your family from mosquitoes, but what about the risks from the treatment itself? We’ve got answers to these important questions.

Due to the rapid nature of the mosquito life cycle, mosquito treatment works differently than most types of pest control. Learn how it works and what makes it different here.