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Do DIY mouse traps work?

From commercial snap traps to homemade rodent control solutions, there are all sorts of products and tactics designed to help you get rid of an infestation. But, which ones actually work? 

While some DIY mouse traps can be effective when deployed safely and correctly, not every solution has been shown to be very reliable. Here, the experts at Inman-Murphy, Inc. will share what you need to know about DIY rodent control.

Empty triggered trap with a thank you note from mouse with paw prints leading back to hole in the wall | Inman-Murphy Pest Control serving Millington TN

Types of DIY Rodent Traps

If you look up homemade rat traps, you’re bound to get hundreds of search results—but, there are just two that stand out for their relative safety and effectiveness:

  • The bucket method: This features a ramp placed next to a sizable bucket baited with peanut butter. The mouse, enticed by the scent of the peanut butter, will tumble into the bucket and remain trapped. 
  • The box method: This tactic involves placing bait beneath bowls or boxes rigged with a trapping mechanism, which the rodent will trip as they crawl around in search of the bait. 

Regardless of the chosen method, exercise caution during setup and maintenance, as rodents carry potentially harmful diseases.

Should I Use Rat Poison?

Whether commercially purchased or concocted at home, rat poison poses significant risks beyond rodent extermination. These products are intended to kill rats and mice through toxicity, which means they are often also capable of harming humans or pets. Especially if you have small children or animals nearby, it’s best to work with a licensed expert.

Most Reliable Rodent Removal

Although certain DIY rodent control techniques can show promising results, addressing infestations—especially if they’re severe—is still a big challenge. As rodent colonies grow, so do health and property risks. Professional pest control is the most effective solution if you’re dealing with a rat or mouse problem. 

Licensed rodent exterminators possess the expertise and tools required for swift rodent removal. Additionally, professionals strategically deploy traps to ensure optimal results while safeguarding the well-being of residents. For a mouse-free environment and long-term relief, entrust your rodent control needs to Inman-Murphy, Inc.

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