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Rodent Treatment

Found rodents scurrying around your home or business? While they’re tough to get rid of, follow these tips to eliminate the infestation as quickly as possible.

A mouse caught on a sticky trap | Inman-Murphy Pest Control serving Millington TN

Rats and mice are a common problem here in Mid-South TN, but that doesn’t mean they’re inevitable! Here, the experts at Inman-Murphy, Inc. share what you need to know to get rid of rats fast.

There are tons of DIY mouse traps on the Internet, but do any of them actually work? Find out which do and how to use them here.

Rat bait stations can be safe when used by a licensed professional, but DIY mistakes could be fatal. Learn more about the safety of rat poison here.

Bait stations and snap traps are the two most popular rodent control methods, but which is right for your space? Discover how each type works and which to use.

Improperly cleaning up after rodents could expose you or your loved ones to serious diseases. Learn about the best practices for staying safe while cleaning up these messes.