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How to get rid of rats

Rats pose a significant threat to both property and health in Mid-South TN, so it’s important to deal with an infestation as soon as you notice it. But, if you have rodents scurrying around your property, how do you get rid of them?

While the most effective methods for rat removal depend on individual circumstances, here are some of the most reliable ways to keep rodents out of your space:

  • Reduce clutter around your property
  • Promptly dispose of trash in sealed bins
  • Address moisture issues like leaky plumbing
  • Deploy traps or bait stations strategically
Tech placing rodent trap in a house | Inman-Murphy Pest Control serving Millington TN

Why Do I Have Rodents?

Particularly when temperatures drop in the wintertime, rodents seek refuge indoors. Like any other creature, they’re looking for three main things: shelter, food, and water. While they’ll invade just about any home that gives them access to all three necessities, they’re more likely to infest homes that have:

  • Food out in the open, such as unboxed leftovers or trash
  • Lots of clutter and nesting materials, like old cardboard boxes
  • Moisture problems from issues like leady pipes

Addressing these problems is the first step in treating an infestation, as the rodents will likely keep coming back if survival is easy for them in your property.

DIY Rat Trapping Techniques

While preventive measures are vital, they may not suffice if the infestation has already taken hold. Homemade rat traps can help you eliminate rodents that are crawling around your property. 

A popular DIY rat trap is the “bucket method”, which uses a 5-gallon bucket with peanut butter at the bottom. If you place a ramp leading to the top of the bucket, rodents will climb up and fall in while trying to reach the peanut butter, leaving them unable to escape. 

It’s important to note that attempting to trap rats on your own could expose you to dangerous pathogens and diseases. Always use caution when emptying or cleaning a rat trap, and consult an expert if you ever have questions.

Professional Rat Extermination Services in Tennessee

Rat infestations are incredibly difficult to treat without professional assistance, and they could expose you to health problems.  DIY methods, especially for burrowing rats, often fall short. To effectively eliminate rats and prevent recurrence, enlist the expertise of certified technicians. 

At Inman-Murphy, Inc., our state-certified rat extermination professionals employ industry-leading practices honed over 25 years, offering rapid and reliable results. From initial assessment to eradication, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring a pest-free* environment.

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