subterranean termites swarm in memphis tn

Termite swarms in Memphis may be more common than you think. Southern states including Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee rank as some of the most heavily termite infested areas in the United States.

In fact, they suggest it’s not a question of if termites will invade your home or property, it’s a question of when.

Learn more about termite swarms and how you can protect your home.

When to Expect Termite Swarms in Memphis

Termites are a big issue for Memphis homeowners due to moderate spring temperatures and moisture. Termites typically emerge from March to May but have been known to swarm as early as February or as late as June. During termite swarm season, these insects become much more visible and are seen in higher numbers.

What Do Termites Swarms Look Like?

Termites look like flying ants. However, they don’t have three distinct body parts as ants do. Termites are a longer pill shape with long wings.

Swarms of termites are centered around their “queen.” When the queen is found and eliminated, a termite colony will disperse.

What Draws Termite Swarms in Memphis?

Memphis is located in the “termite belt.” Termites come here in search of cool, dark places to hide. This includes firewood stacks, mulch, or on a back porch. When these materials are located near a home, homeowners have a greater chance of experiencing termite issues inside.

Termites feed on any cellulose material including debris, lumber, cardboard boxes, wood piles, mulch, and more. Homeowners can protect their property by removing these materials and standing water from their roof, porch, or deck.

Moist areas and mulch can draw infestations. Be careful not to over water plants or put too much mulch near your home as this commonly attracts termite swarms.

Subterranean Termites in Tennessee

These termites are the most destructive of wood-feeding insects in Memphis. Though termites are needed to help recycle dead, fallen trees back into the soil, they can wreak havoc on homes or businesses.

Subterranean termites feed on cellulose such as dead trees, your home, fence posts, paper, books, shrubs, flowers, and even some crops. Though they tend to enjoy wood-based materials, they may even chew foam board insulation, swimming pools liners, or filtration systems.

How Can I Guard My Home Against Termites?

Avoid termite swarms from invading your Memphis home by remove standing water and dry or rotten wood from around the perimeter of your home. If termite swarms occur, avoid using harsh chemicals which could be harmful to children or pets.

If you see termites near your home between February and June, call pest control professionals right away. Pest control experts are experienced with removing termite swarms with safe and effective methods to reduce damage to your property and exposure to harsh chemicals.

Having issues with termite swarms in Memphis? We can help. At Inman-Murphy Termite and Pest Control, we can handle any termite problem without harsh chemicals.

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