keep pests out of your hvac system

When people think of pest infestations they naturally think of termites and other wood-boring insects gnawing away at your walls and foundations, or roaches and ants crawling around your pantry. There’s a lot of places throughout your home that automatically come to mind when you worry about pests.

Well, here’s another one you might not have put much thought into:

Your home’s heating and air conditioning system.

You HVAC system is one of the key components of your home—it keeps everyone comfortable, it keeps humidity levels at normal ranges, it helps ensure good air quality. It also provides a good home for bugs and pests.

First things first, if you have any problems with your HVAC system—always contact an HVAC services company near you. If you already have a pest control problem in your heating and air system, contact us immediately to prevent the infestation from getting worse.

If you don’t have a pest problem—but concerned you may have one soon, follow these steps to prevent an infestation:

Use Screens on Air Vents

Exterior air vents give insects an easy entrance into your home and your HVAC system. The easiest DIY solution is to keep them out is by installing mesh screens that cover the entire vent. Your best bet is aluminum wire mesh.

Keep the Area Clean

Bugs and smaller rodents have an uncanny knack for making their way into HVAC systems. One of the results is lower air quality. Make sure your having regular maintenance done on your HVAC system—this will help keep the system clean and help catch any new infestations. A few things you can do is to get rid of standing water around your outside unit, clean up any debris that gets into the vanes, and change out filters regularly.

Our friends at Turner Pest Control in Jacksonville have a bit of a unique problem—in Florida they have ants called “Tawny crazy ants” that are known to invade electrical components—especially HVAC units, where they can cause units to short out. As you can see, bugs and insects can cause some major headaches in HVAC systems.

Seal Ducts

Probably the easiest entry point for insects is through your ductwork. Loose seals and cracks give bugs the opportunity they need to enter and infest your HVAC system.

Sealing your ducts is relatively easy and affordable. You’ll need to purchase foil tape for smaller cracks, and sealant for large holes. While there are guides for maintaining your ductwork, if you don’t feel comfortable taking this on, or your ductwork isn’t easily accessible don’t hesitate to contact an HVAC professional to have ducts cleaned and sealed.

Schedule Regular Pest Control Treatments

The best solution to keep pest and creepy crawlies out of your heating and air system (along with the rest of your home!) is to schedule regular pest control treatment and maintenance. Homeowners should opt for quarterly treatments to deal with different seasonal bugs, and monthly treatments if you have a history of serious infestations.

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