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Spiders are one of the most prolific fear inducing pests the residents of mid-South TN deal with year-round. Depending on the species, they can be found in window sills, high up in corners, down low in cabinets, in basements, attics, crawl spaces, and spaces left undisturbed for long periods of time.  

Traditionally spiders are thought to be most active in homes in late summer, but this is only true for a few species like the Giant House Spider and the Orb Weaver. Truthfully, spiders are active throughout every season, with each season presenting its own challenges for homeowners. Most species are non-aggressive, harmless to humans, nocturnal, and enter homes in search of their prey. A few species native to mid-South TN are potentially dangerous, making spider pest control an important part of home maintenance.  


Summer is not when most spiders are active, but they will find their way into the milder temperatures of your home in search of their food sources as summer brings with it higher pest activity. In summer you are more likely to encounter large balls of Daddy Longlegs along the shady sides of buildings, and this is also when Black Widows are busy laying their eggs. Keep doors closed and repair any damaged screens, or gaps in door frames to ward off summertime invasion.  


Surprising to many, fall is the true season of highest spider activity. Springtime eggs have hatched, matured, and are now seeking out mates. Sac Spiders, which typically live in gardens, will find their way inside at this time seeking warmth. Wolf Spiders have been known to enter homes during this season, so we recommend keeping grass mowed and leaf piles disposed of quickly as these are their preferred hunting grounds.  


Spiders do not hibernate, and some even produce a glycol compound that acts like antifreeze to help them survive winter. Eggs laid at this time require warmth, so you’ll notice more activity around pipes, under sinks, and extra webbing as they insulate their egg sacs. Southern House Spiders are more apt to grow in numbers during winter, so be sure to dust and clean high spaces, and repair cracks or holes along walls, to discourage infestation. Huntsman Spiders will also find their way inside, as they cannot survive the falling temperatures of winter outdoors. 


Spring brings with it more spider visibility, as this is when most spider species lay their eggs, and when fall/winter sacs begin to hatch. Hobo Spider eggs are hatching, and Brown Recluse activity is in full swing. Be sure to inspect windows, screens, cracks/gaps in foundation, and gaps/space between doors and doorframes to keep these typically non-aggressive but potentially dangerous pests out.  

Spider Pest Control You Can Count On 

Spiders have the potential to be a nuisance year-round. Most are harmless, but some have quite painful and potentially deadly bites, making regular spider pest control an important part of home maintenance. The highly trained team of professionals at Inman-Murphy have over 25 years of experience keeping the residents of mid-south TN pest free and are ready to help. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today and get started with a free quote! 

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