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Those hot and humid Memphis summers can be a time to relax outdoors, but they’re also the time of year when mosquitoes run rampant.

If you’re dealing with these annoying pests, there are natural ways to kill mosquitos that won’t harm the environment.

Read on to discover natural ways you can say goodbye to mosquitoes in Memphis for a pleasant, itch-free spring and summer.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Mosquitos breed in stagnant water, even if it’s not near a lake or other body of water. To get rid of these pests near your home, take a look around and check for any stagnant water that could be sitting near your property.

Overturned tires, buckets, and other items can fill with rainwater, making it the perfect breeding ground for these biting bugs. Remove anything that’s holding water, and make sure you either dispose of it or turn it upside down so it doesn’t till up again.

If you use outdoor storage for water, try to keep it covered and secure. Check around your outdoor air conditioning unit and try to keep that area as dry as possible so you don’t entice them to breed near your home.

Natural Ways to Kill Mosquitos with Herbs

Certain herbs and other plants have shown to be an effective mosquito repellant. Plant a few herbs like rosemary, lavender, and citronella in your garden.

You can also enjoy these beautiful herbs indoors to keep mosquitos at bay. Get creative and make a lovely indoor herb garden that will not only keep these pests away, but that will also add a nice touch of greenery to your kitchen.

Do a little bit of research to find out which types of herbs thrive in the Memphis area. Plant them in your garden, around the edge of your home, and indoors for the best results.

Set a Trap

Standard insecticides can be harmful to the environment and to your physical health. You can try this safe home remedy to trap these pesky bugs that can be used indoors and outside.

Place a dish full of soapy water on your porch whenever you entertain to keep mosquitos at bay. It’s best to use dish soap that will create a lot of bubbles for the most effective results.

Since mosquitos are attracted to water, they’ll be lured to the bowl. Once they hit the water, the soapy bubbles trap them and they cannot escape and eventually die. This effective trap also works indoors, too.

Prevent Mosquitos from Breeding Near Pools and Ponds

If you have a pool or a decorative pond outside, these features tend to attract mosquitos when the water is stagnant. To prevent a Memphis mosquito problem, use a pump to keep the water constantly moving.

Look for the best pump possible for your pool or pond that will ensure the water is always flowing rapidly. If the water stays in motion all day and night, most mosquitos will simply move on.

Another effective measure of protection is to treat your swimming pool with special chemicals designed to kill or repel mosquitos. Check your pond or pool on a regular basis to ensure that there’s no evidence of mosquitos breeding or hovering around.

Try Essential Oils

The ingredient DEET was used as an insect repellant for decades, but studies have shown it can be extremely harmful to health and the environment. Instead of store-bought mosquito killers and repellant, try essential oils instead.

Lemon eucalyptus oil is a highly effective mosquito repellant. The CDC has approved eucalyptus oil and states that it is an effective ingredient that works.

If you really want to kill those Memphis mosquitos, cinnamon oil is also extremely effective. This oil actually kills the eggs so that the pests cannot continue to breed and bite.

Of course, you can also use citronella to keep mosquitos and other pests away. This natural oil smells incredible and can be found as a raw oil and in candles that you can use outdoors to prevent mosquitos from attacking as you entertain.

Use Fans Strategically

If you place a few fans on your deck or porch in a strategic way, it can actually keep mosquitos and other insects away. Mosquitos are weak flyers, and they can’t handle heavy winds or strong streams of air.

With the right strength, fans can reduce the number of insects in your outdoor space by significant numbers. You may need to experiment with different fans, different levels of airflow, and in different places.

Once you find the sweet spot, you should notice a major drop in the number of mosquitos you’re dealing with. Fans break the flow of carbon dioxide, which can throw mosquitos off guard when they’re looking for food.

Not only will an outdoor fan keep pests away, but it will also keep you and your guests nice and cool. Just make sure your fan is safe to use outside, and always unplug it when it’s not in use. The less sweat and body heat you produce, the less enticing you’ll be to those nasty biting mosquitos.

Give Oranges a Try

Oranges and orange oil can repel insects in a natural way. In fact, a lot of mass-produced repellants and bug sprays include this oil as an ingredient.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive bug sprays. Instead, try your own at-home remedy with real oranges. If you have a plug-in insect repelling device, cut an orange peel to the same size as the refills and use it instead.

Another way to use oranges to your advantage is to simply cut them up and place them in bowls around your home. Not only will this help to keep mosquitos away, but it will also leave your home smelly citrusy and fresh. You also won’t need to worry about breathing in harsh chemicals with an orange.

Mosquito Coils

This unique product is popular throughout Asia and South America, but you can also find it in the USA. Mosquito coils are similar to incense and burn slowly using a coiled-up shape that can be placed on a dish to catch the ashes.

You can set your mosquito coil on the ground near where you and your guests sit outside. This unusual incense is all-natural and made from pyrethrum powder. The powder is made from dried heads of the Chrysanthemum flower.

When you light the mosquito coil, make sure it “catches” the flame so it continues to burn. You can find these unusual mosquito killers online and at many hardware stores. They have a pleasant scent, which makes them a wonderful alternative to chemical-laden sprays.

Mosquitos Hate Old Coffee Grounds

You might know it, but your used coffee grounds can actually work to repel mosquitos. This eco-friendly and natural alternative is a smart way to reuse those grounds that would normally go into a landfill.

Remove the coffee grounds from your coffee pot and sprinkle them around your deck and patio area. You can also sprinkle them in the garden and in hedges around the perimeter of your home. Coffee grounds are also a wonderful compost, so they’re great for the health of your plants, too.

This simple anti-mosquito hack should help to keep those pesky Memphis mosquitos away all summer long. If you plan to spend a lot of time outside, add some old coffee grinds to a bowl and place it near you for a quick repellant.

Wave Goodbye to Mosquitoes

Even though the warm months bring lots of pests to the Memphis area, you can try these natural ways to kill mosquitoes so you won’t worry about those itchy bites. From essential oils to coffee grinds and oranges, give some of these ideas a try.

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