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It can seem impossible to keep pests out of your yard (and even your home) when spring comes around. Do you know why that is? There are many factors that play into spring being the season that all kinds of pests thrive, but rainfall is one of the most important contributors. Every year, the rainfall brings about conditions for a few particular pests to exploit, and we are the ones that have to take precautionary measures against them. If you’re looking for DIY spring pest control advice for rain bugs, read on to learn from our expert exterminators at Inman-Murphy, Inc!

What Pests Does a Rainy Spring Bring?

A rainy spring leads to many benefits that pests around the Memphis Metro area use to their advantage. There are a few kinds of pests in particular that thrive after a rainy spring:

  1. Mosquitoes: The more rainfall in spring, the more mosquitoes will be bothering you during the summer. This is because mosquitoes breed in standing water, no matter the size of the source, so an abundance of rainwater pools will allow them to proliferate in peace and grow their numbers quickly.
  2. Fleas and ticks: Fleas and ticks get by by hiding in foliage, waiting until an animal that they can feed on walks by. These parasitic pests take advantage of ample plant growth after rainy springs to find perfect hiding places, which might be in your yard.
  3. Beetles: While a rainy spring makes our gardens flourish, it also gives all kinds of beetles opportunities for easy sustenance supplies.
  4. Fire ants: Fire ants and many other kinds of ants burrow in soil to grow their colonies, so a rainy spring will provide them with optimal soil texture for expansion.
  5. Termites: Sometimes called rain flies, termite swarmers come out during rainy springs to take advantage of water-damaged wood.

What Can I Do Post-Rainfall to Prevent Pests?

A rainy spring can lead to pest problems both indoors and outdoors. Here are some measures that you must take to ensure your property is protected from spring pests:

  • Seal cracks and gaps: Gaps around your doors and windows can be closed off with screens and weather stripping, and cracks in your walls or foundation can be sealed with a silicone-based caulk.
  • Clean your gutters: Leaves and other natural debris can build up in your gutters, leading to overflows that cause moisture problems or pools of standing water that attract mosquitoes to breed.
  • Prevent pooling water: Whether inside in your kitchen and bathroom or outside around your garden and patio, pooling water will always bring out thirsty bugs, so keep an eye out!

Help With Spring Pest Control

If your yard is riddled with pests every spring, it’s time to reach out to your local pest control company. The exterminators at Inman-Murphy, Inc. are well-versed in springtime pest problems around Millington TN. We train our team to conduct property-wide inspections, determining the reasons for your infestation, applying pertinent pest control products safely and efficiently, and teaching you how to avoid pests on your own going forward. Reach out today for a free estimate!

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