pest prevention tips for landlords property managers

Are you a landlord or property manager?

Do you have rentals that sit vacant between renters?

If so, then you probably have had to worry about pest problems while the property remained empty. This is a common issue for some of our clients, so we thought we would address the best ways for you to ensure your rental properties are pest free—especially when they’re vacant.

Preventive Maintenance is a necessity

While you’re undoubtedly aware of the importance of preventive maintenance to keep your property’s systems operating effectively—pest prevention is often one part of maintenance that gets overlooked.

Before each season you, or your trusted pest control company, should perform a check of the exterior of your property to ensure it is sealed. This is to prevent intrusion by common pests and rodents. This is especially important in the spring and summer months when pest’s colonies increase and rodents have their babies. Small holes around your foundation, holes in the windows and screens, and exhaust pipes for chimneys and dryer vents are all areas that need to be check to limit intrusion into your property.

Keep the interior clean

After a renter moves out it’s common to do a cleaning and even paint before you re-rent the property. It’s wise to invest in a major cleaning of the house—hire a professional maid service or house cleaning service to do a full clean up.

This is as much a benefit for new tenants as it is for you. These “heavy” cleanings can often help you find things that need to be taken care of before putting the property back up for rent and can save you money on maintenance in the long run.

Remove the most common infestation areas

Woodpiles, dead leaves, over grown planters and gardens—these are all common areas where pest infestations occur. Keep these areas free of debris and dead vegetation and you’ll limit comfortable residences for bugs and rodents.

Another thing to be aware of is standing areas of water. Pooling water from outdoor faucets, pots, gutters and downspouts, and other catch basins create breeding grounds for mosquitoes. No one wants to visit a property only to be bitten up by mosquitoes that could have easily been controlled.

Contract with a professional pest control company.

Ultimately the best defense against all pest control problems is to use a professional pest control services company to deal with the issues.

Often the wisest solution is to contract with a company to perform regular pest control on both your home and your rental properties. By having a contracted pest control company on standby you ensure year round control whether you have tenants or not. It’s ultimately a time saving and money saving option.

If you are looking for pest control for a rental property, contact the professionals at Inman-Murphy, Inc—we’ll provide you with a free estimate and top-notch service! (901) 388-0852.

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