ants traversing a blade of grass in millington tn backyard

Summer and backyard cookouts go hand in hand—you know what else goes with those two things?


Here in the Millington and Memphis areas we have our share of ant infestations and summertime is the when we tend to see the worst of the problems.

So to make sure you can enjoy your yard and the great outdoors, here’s some mid-summer ant control tips for your home and property.

Plan ahead

The saying “failing to plan is planning to fail” can be applied to pest control. We know when certain insects will be most prominent, and by planning ahead we can get control of the issue before it gets out of hand.

The best planning is to hire a professional pest control company, like Inman-Murphy, to inspect the inside and outside of your home and come up with the best ant control method available.

Professional pest control takes into account where the common entry areas are on your home, how big your home is, the most common types of ants in your area, and peak infestation times throughout the day to come up with the best solution for your problem.

Pest Control Chemicals and Safety

One of the big issues we come across is when a potential customer has tried the “DIY” control method. Often this is more a waste of time and money than anything else.

But the thing that is most concerning is the potential to use too much of certain chemicals or using the wrong chemicals to deal with your ant infestation. These chemicals can be dangerous to children and pets, and the best people to handle these pest control chemicals are your local pest professional.

At Inman-Murphy we take your and your family’s safety serious. We use safe amounts of these chemicals and we use them only where ants can invade your home and property.

Do a quick self-inspection of your home and especially kitchen

One of the main things ants enter your home looking for is easy sources of food.

You should always be concerned with keeping your windows, screens, doors, and areas of your foundation sealed to limit how easily all insects can enter. Do a quarterly inspection around all your windows and doors and look for holes in your walls where ants could be entering.

Kitchens are a common area for infestations, and it’s a good idea to make sure counters are clear of food. In your pantry you should store food in sealed/airtight containers to prevent ants getting in and ruining your food. You can also store some of your foods in the refrigerator to help avoid ant problems.

Ants can certainly be a nuisance this time of year and if you are having an ant control issue in your home, contact the Memphis pest control pro’s at Inman-Murphy to schedule an appointment or get a free estimate!

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