The modern world has a lot to be grateful for when it comes to quality of life. Not the least of these are the advances in pest control and prevention. A pest control professional can fight bugs that once wreaked havoc and improve your quality of life in the following ways.

We Get to the Root of the Problem

When treating bug problems on your own, you can’t be sure you’ve eliminated the root problem. Sure, you can probably keep your carpet from hopping with bugs. However, those bugs may have left eggs that will produce hundreds of creepy critters within weeks. A professional can make sure both bugs and eggs are gone. As pest professionals are in the industry everyday, we have a little extra expertise in all things bugs. Because this is our livelihood, we are able to help you get the best overall solution to your pest problem.

We Protect You From Health Threats

A mosquito can leave you with more than itchy bite marks. They can carry diseases like West Nile Virus. That’s just one example of a disease spread by pests. Pest control and prevention will lessen your risk of serious illness spread by mosquitos, ticks, rodents and more. Having regular pest control service will only help ensure you are protected on an on-going basis from health threats that pests and rodents may bring around.

We Protect Your (and the Public’s) Food Supply

Pests are not just a residential issue. They pose a threat to public health if they infest commercial food processing plants or restaurants. Pest control professionals are one piece of the puzzle in assuring our food sources and supplies are kept sanitary and healthy.

We Can Help Prevent Damage to Your Property

Ever had to deal with a couch infested with bed bugs? How about a wall destroyed by termites? When your home’s bug population gets out of control, your belongings and your home are at risk. Pest control professionals make sure your property is safe by dealing immediately with bugs.

We Help Provide You With Peace of Mind

A professional takes the mystery out of pest control and prevention. They can help you get a plan in place to keep your home free from critters. You won’t have to worry about long term damage or health concerns associated with pests, and you won’t have to be worried whether your home and yard is harboring potentially harmful, and disgusting bugs.

If you’re worried about pests in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us online anytime or call 901-388-0852 for a free pest control estimate.

Inman-Murphy can restore your peace of mind by getting your pest issues under control.

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