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Rodent Identification

In Mid-South TN, there are four main types of rodents that you’re likely to find in your home or business. Find out the common local species and how to identify them here.

Rodent graphic to identify different types - Inman-Murphy Pest Control serving Millington TN

Though they are incredibly similar, rat and mouse infestations have several differences that can help you tell them apart. Learn more from the experts at Inman-Murphy, Inc..

Rats and mice are found all over the globe in various habitats, but there are a few hiding places that they tend to prefer. Discover where rodents live in Mid-South TN.

Rodent infestations of all kinds are dangerous to your property and your well-being. Learn about the types of damage or disease that these pests can spread.

Yes, like all types of rodents, rats and mice are capable of biting people and pets. Find out the causes, symptoms, and dangers of a mouse or rat bite here.

Rodents are notorious for transmitting various diseases either through bites, saliva, fleas, or scavenging habits. Read about common rodent-borne illnesses and their symptoms.