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Rodent Prevention

Rats and mice are every property owner’s nightmare. Thankfully, you can avoid an infestation using these rodent prevention tips from the experts at Inman-Murphy, Inc..

Rat caught in a metal trap | Inman-Murphy Pest Control serving Millington TN

Rats, mice, and other rodents are attracted to places with ample food and shelter—but what does that look like? Discover why you may have mice here.

Rodent prevention is important, but it doesn’t have to be challenging or expensive! Read our best tips for keeping mice out of your home or business here.

It may feel impossible to keep rats in your yard, but it isn’t! Keep rodents out of your yard by following these steps, which will also prevent them from sneaking indoors.

Rodent prevention takes year-round effort. That said, it’s most important to focus on exclusion in the fall months when these pests are more likely to try and get inside. Learn more here!

Natural rodent repellents can be a helpful tool for deterring rats and mice, but they aren’t always effective—especially used by themselves. Find out how to properly use DIY rodent prevention.

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